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NEW RECORD ALERT! Get the Butt / Googolplexia split 45 Ass-Sick Creeps now!

A few months after naming us Best Record Label, the RFT wrote us up real nice-like!

Welcome to the home of St. Louis music, online short films, and other St. Louis entertainment. If you're looking for fun sloppy pop, there's Googolplexia--you can see where he plays next! Or rock on over to the humorous music of Mustardfish, counted among the most unique performance artists St. Louis has to offer. We've got albums by power-trio Popular Mechanics, lo-fi acoustic psych-folksters The Shitty Friends, girlie pop-punkers and the Best New Saint Louis Band of 2002 The Fantasy Four, and super-satire hip-hoppers King Kong Magnetics. Order the newest A Very Bert Dax Christmas (Volume Nine), or download the acclaimed Pancake Productions Samplers (Summer MMX, Wintry MMXI, and now Springly MMXII) for FREE! ALSO AVAILABLE: a Bunnygrunt 45, a Fire Dog seven-inch, a Googolplexia CD, and more, more, always MORE! I just SLASHED a buncha prices, too!

Watch the multiple-award-winning short French car movie Pour Chaque «Non», named best St. Louis short film at the 2005 St. Louis International Film Festival. See movie trailers online for the feature-length Diary Of A Co-Worker. The newest Pancake Productions (48 Hour Films from 2007-2010) don't have their own pages yet. This website is undergoing a redesign by the amazing Janet Lackey.

Or, if ya think ya reached the end of the internet, hit some sweet Links.

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