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All Pancake Releases In Reverse-Catalogue-Number Order:

PP 024: Googolplexia & Various Artists - Comic Geeks Original Soundtrack (CD)
PP 023: Matt From Bunnygrunt & Googolplexia - We've Been Everywhere (CD)
PP 022: Various Artists - Pancake Pieces Pancake Sampler (Compilation 2-CD)
PP 021: Various Artists - You Wanna Be Just Like Bunnygrunt (Compilation CD)
PP 020: Matt Harnish's Pink Guitar - Mostly Sparks And A Few Trucker Songs (EP CD)
PP 019: Various Artists - The Undercurrent #4 (LP cassette)
PP 018: Dubb Nubb & Googolplexia - Missouri's Hat (split EP mini-CD)
PP 017: The Vanilla Beans - FFFF (EP CD)
PP 016: Various Artists- Pancake Productions Autumnal Sampler MMXIII (Compilation)
PP 015: Popular Mechanics - Seven To Three (EP cassette)
PP 014: Spelling Bee - Caterwaul (LP CD)
PP 013: Various Artists - Pancake Productions Springly Sampler MMXII (Compilation)
PP 012: Bunnygrunt & The Winchester - The Worst Of Both Worlds (split 45)
PP 011: Butt & Googolplexia - Ass-Sick Creeps (split 45)
PP 010: Various Artists - A Very Bert Dax Christmas, Volume Nine (Compilation CD)
PP 009: Googolplexia - "O" Before "L," And Only One "E" (LP CD)
PP 008: Fire Dog - Wait To Die (7")
PP 007: Various Artists - Pancake Productions Wintry Sampler MMXI (Compilation)
PP 006: Various Artists - A Very Bert Dax Christmas, Volume Eight (Compilation CD)
PP 005: Bunnygrunt - Lady, You Just Got Von Damaged! (45)
PP 004: Popular Mechanics - Time And A Half (LP CD)
PP 003: King Kong Magnetics - Futuristic Money Makers (LP CD)
PP 002: Getting Fantastic With...The Fantasy Four (LP CD)
PP 001: The Shitty Friends - I'm Sorry It Might Not Have Happened This Way (LP CD)
PP 000: Various Artists - Pancake Productions Summer Sampler MMX (Compilation)

Or maybe you came here to see what kinds of Pancake events are coming up? Or to watch the short French car movie Pour Chaque «Non»?

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