Tha' Skull 'N' Crossbones...Y'Arrr

PIRATING: Scourging yon Sebben Seas while remainin' in yon comfort o' ye own home

          D'arr, matey. If ye be a-readin' this har text, ye'd do best to be knowin' what yon Online Pirates be all about. Allow I to explain ta ye just what we be.

Me Idol, Blackbeard
          I be tha' Cap'n Dread Pire Robert. Our ship be tha' 1562 Frigate a-named "Bluefin Tuna." Aboard yon Bluefin Tuna, we habb yon 263 slaves a-rowin', and 100 cannons far tha' firin'. We all be heterasexual pires; make nary a mistake about that. Allow me ta intraduce ye ta some o' tha' main members o' tha' ship's crew.
          Co-Cap'n Dusty Me Co-Captain be Dusty. Co-Cap'n Dusty, we calls 'im. He war in me crew from yon beginnin', and he be me most trusted crew member, 'zwell'z one o' me best. He be standin' in fer I when I'm nary thar.
          Ship's Mate Ron Me Ship's Mate be Ron. He be a right trusty crew member, and one o' tha' most dangerous and ambitious pires evar ta sail in yon Bluefin Tuna. He be thard in command.
          Chief Engineer/Lead Gunman Rider Me Chief Engineer and Lead Gunman be Rider. He war also with we from yon beginnin'. He be a right trusty pire 'zwell, and he be tha' one who be makin' all o' yon cannons. Yon Bluefin Tuna could nary run without he help.
          Watchman Chad Chadbeard tha' Pirate be me Watchman. He be watchin' out fer ta see what be on yon horizon and that sort o' thing. Sittin' up in yon Crow's Nest, he be able ta see fer miles. That thar be one o' tha' most impartent jobs on yon ship.
          Me Ship's Boys John Smith and Michael tha' pire be tha' ship's boys o' me crew. They be a-swabbin' tha' decks and cleanin' tha' cabins. Bewarr, tho'; they be a-gettin' in they fair share o' tha' scourgin' 'zwell.
          Ally O' Tha' Pires Lieutenant Young is nary actually a pire; he be an officer o' tha' Royal Navy, aboard yon "HMS Darter," who be trickin' othars inta thinkin' that he be a destroyar o' pires, and then he be a-turnin' around and revealin' that he'd a-rathar fight with yon pires against yon forces o' evil!
Yon Beauty O' Tha' Sea...D'Arrr
          Thar be many more o' pires on me crew, and even piratesses. As o' right a-now, thar be 27 in me crew. Thar names be a-listed har:

Cap'n Dread Pire Robert (meself)
Co-Cap'n Dusty
Ship's Mate Ron
Chief Engineer/Lead Gunman Rider
Shipsman Matt
Shipsman Dutchy
Shipsman BlighBurks
Shipsman Patch
Shipsman Herbert (The Red)
Shipsman Dr. Crumpet
Watchman Chad
Dungeon Guardian Moog
Shipsman Rankine MacQuorm
Gunman Deadeye Dick
Gunman Feeney
Gunman Jib
Gunman GluttonBeard
Ship's Boy John Smith
Ship's Boy Michael
Piratess Katie
Piratess Maggie
Piratess Ellsey
Piratess Cal
Piratess Jay
Piratess Punch
Piratess Elga
Lieutenant Young (See Ye Above)

          So that thar be me crew; tha' fiercest crew that evar done sailed yon Sebben Seas. Cower befar we, ar we'll cutlass ye in ye gullet and make ye walk yon plank! If ye're nary afraid o' we pires, ye'll be as sich when ye're sleepin' in Davy Jones's Lockar befar tha' sun be a-goin' down.
Tha' Heat O' Combat...Enough Ta' Be 

Gettin' Any Good Pire's Blood A-Boilin', Ta Be Shure
          If ye be a-wantin' ta know how ta become yon Pire, or ye just want a-more infarmation about yon Pirates, E-Mail I, yon Cap'n Dread Pire Robert, at DreadPireRobert@Juno.COM. Happy sailin' ta ye, and an AYE far tha' PIRATES!!!

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