Biography of Googolplexia

My name's RØB and I'm Googolplexia.

I started out as the Roadkill sometime in 8th grade (1994-1995), just writing some lyrics. I sat next to Andrew Scanlan on the bus and he lied to me about how he knew how to play the drums, and since I had no real reason not to believe him, it was just like sweet, we're in a band, I'm calling it the Roadkill. I showed him some of the lyrics, it was like yeah awesome. I don't remember any of the song titles except "Flow," and I wanted to call the album Dirty Laundry. Thank God time healed that wound. So Andy started sucking, then I didn't talk to him ever, then sometime in later 2001, I started bein' like "yeah sweet let's make the Roadkill happen." Surprised (and delighted) to find that still, no band was called "the Roadkill," I started writing real songs and crap. I still have yet to release something that is exclusively mine. In April 2003, I decided to change from "The Roadkill" to "Googolplexia." I don't regret calling myself "The Roadkill," and indeed it was hilarious that with a name like "The Roadkill" it was still just some dude playing silly songs, poorly practiced, on a cheap keyboard. My first show as Googolplexia was in Kansas City, in front of some huge field. We were actually on some terrace of some building on the campus of the Kansas City Art Institute. It was for the "Beaux Arts" festival; some other bands played, et c. I accompanied the band Butt and then we played a song or two of my own, it was like yeah sweet. Now I play shows with some frequency, and the Googolplexia you can occasionally catch around town is the product of 8 years of this-n-thattin' around. Now it's for real. Make no mistake.