Popular Mechanics News

This page will, in all likelihood, eventually be replaced with a blarg for Popular Mechanics to update themselves, as they see fit. As with many of the new pages I'm creating for this Popular Mechanics mini-site, this is just a stop-gap 'til the real deal can get into gear. That said: Time And A Half, the first full-length release from Popular Mechanics, has been reviewed here and there!

  • Razorcake - Everybody's favorite punk rock fanzine offered up a brief and complimentary review for Time And A Half's sound AND artwork.
  • Pirate Cat Radio Review - San Francisco's own studio, performance space, and community asset gives Time And A Half, and power-pop in general, a favorable review.
  • LMNOP/babysue/dONW7 Review - Top Pick! The best-possible, full five-baby-sue rating has been lauded upon Time And A Half by the good Chattanooga people of LMNOP.
  • Riverfront Times Homespun Review (with link to a humorous post about Dave Todd being mistaken for a certain popular comic performer)
  • Eleven Music Magazine has also reviewed it, but A)the review is not online yet (if it is, I can't find it), and B)they credited the album as "Self-Released." Pancake Productions begs to differ on that one! UPDATE: I don't reckon they're ever gonna post it (not that I ever did), but I just did, so read it in full!
  • Dagger Zine gave Time And A Half a complimentary review which you'll find if you search here or just see it right away.
  • Maximum Rock 'n' Roll came to the end of a column and just kept on reviewin'! Read 'er here!
I guess the above is more suited to a page entitled "PRESS" or something like that, and perhaps such a page will exist on the new site. We shall see!