PP 016 - Pancake Productions Autumnal Sampler MMXIII

 After over a year and a half off from samplerdom, this newest Pancake Sampler was released 11/12/2013 (yes, ELEVEN-TWELVE-THIRTEEN!). It features some of the usual misfits, and some not-quite-so-usual misfits, too! As usual, once I'm all out of physical CDs, I'll post it here for a free download. Maybe I'll even create a BandCamp page or something and have it up on there as well. I made 99 of these things. The labels were hand-applied, the stickers hand-cut, and the CDs hand-wrapped by the Pancake Master himself.

Track Listing:
  1. Prank Monkey - "Rizum"
  2. The Capunchin Punks - "Jet Black Chevette" (Demo)
  3. Popular Mechanics - "Man Of The Times"
  4. hmrizzle - "Worry Waits"
  5. The Pat Sajak Assassins - "Lambda Lambda Lambda" (Live @ Heavy Anchor)
  6. Matt Harnish's Pink Guitar (Featuring Jennifer Higerd) - "You're The Reason Our Kids Are Ugly"
  7. Mini-Skirt Fetish - "Love And Peas"
  8. Googolplexia - "History"
  9. Spelling Bee - "New Machines" (Live @ Quencher's)
  10. Middle Class Fashion - "Lift The Law" (Demo)
  11. Acorns To Oaks - "Springfield" (Demo)
  12. Banana Fart Stu And The Hankertons - "Closing My Facebook Account"
  13. Zak Marmalefsky - "Humpty Dumpty On His Wedding Day"
  14. The Defeated County - "Twenty-Three" (Demo)
  15. Bill Michalski - "Callow Days"
  16. Beefus - "Let's Go Dig Up The Cat"
  17. Seaby And The Rules - "A Spaceship Called True Love"
  18. Pas De Merde - "Moth To Light"
  19. Bassamp And Dano - "Let's Get Drunk And Fuck"
  20. Runoff - "KSOFM"
  21. Vanilla Beans - "Pirate Song (Shame Sauce Part 2)"
  22. Nate Allen - "We Don't Even Know"
  23. Whoa Thunder - "Beestung" (Demo)
  24. Will Huie - "Save The Fuckin' Earth"
  25. Bobby Stevens - "Whispered Prayers"
  26. Town Cars - "Hardcase"
  27. Ou Où - "Madison Square Garden (Blood Club Edit)"
  28. Pet Vortex - "Hog Heaven"
  29. Paper Ceilings - "The Same Song"

 The packaging material for these is crossword puzzles that I did. Mostly lightly, and almost exclusively in pencil, so if you want to do a crossword puzzle sometime, and you have the CD version of this compilation, just take an eraser to it and go go go!

I think every single track on this sampler is unreleased at the time of this CD's release. Each CD copy comes with a limited-edition Pancake Productions sticker made exclusively for this sampler, too.

All CD copies are now gone (as of 01/12/2014). You can preview this thing, or download it at will, at the Pancake Productions BandCamp Site.