Pancake Productions Miscellaneous

 At some point I knew a new website design was on its way courtesy of our friends over at Janet Lackey Designs, so I didn't want to spend too much time making a bunch of sub-sites with countless pages that'd be rendered obsolete in the near future. Instead, I've created this page to sorta update until the re-design goes into effect, just so people have a place to view the remainder of the existent catalogue and order stuff online as they see fit. 

 PP 020 - Matt Harnish's Pink Guitar, Mostly Sparks And A Few Trucker Songs 
 PP 018 - Googolplexia // Dubb Nubb, Missouri's Hat 
 PP 017 - The Vanilla Beans, FFFF 
 PP 014 - Spelling Bee, Caterwaul 
 PP 012 - Bunnygrunt // The Winchester, The Worst Of Both Worlds 
 PP 011 - Googolplexia // Butt, Ass-Sick Creeps 
 PP 008 - Fire Dog, Wait To Die 
 PP 005 - Bunnygrunt, Lady, You Just Got Von Damaged! 
 PP 003 - King Kong Magnetics, Futuristic Money Makers 
 PP 002 - Getting Fantastic With...The Fantasy Four
 PP 001 - The Shitty Friends, I'm Sorry It Might Not Have Happened This Way