PP 020: Matt Harnish's Pink Guitar -
Mostly Sparks And A Few Trucker Songs (CD EP)

 Released 14 September MMXIV at PancakeFesten 003. 

 MHPG CD EP Track Listing:
  1. Mustache
  2. Girl On The Billboard
  3. All You Ever Think About Is Sex
  4. Some Velvet Morning
  5. I Predict
  6. Together Now, Very Minor

 Songs are originally by Sparks, Del Reeves, Sparks, Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra, Sparks, and Game Theory, respectively. So, the title of the release is a LITTLE BIT misleading, as there's only really one trucker song on here. Matt made all of the noises you hear except for the gal-vocals (and some of the wind-whooshes) on 4 (Jennifer Higerd), the "drums" on 5 (some robot), and the accordion on 6 (Googolplexia).

Cover artwork was provided by Joe Steinman and I did the layout. Mario mixed and mastered it. I engineered the recordings and Matt and I produced 'em. We ate at Wonton King for lunch both days of recording. Rumor has it that Matt was convinced I could create recordings of a high-enough calibre when he heard the work I did for PP 018 (the Googz tracks).

Limited hand-numbered, hand-folded, hand-stuffed, hand-colored run of 100, each including a hand-colored sticker. $6.50 postage paid. INTERNATIONAL FRIENDS: Shipping will be a bit more costly for you. Please and let's chat about that.

If you don't care none about no physical media (or no sticker), just jam on over to the Pancake Productions BandCamp and pick 'er up that-a-way! Or here, it's an embedded BandCamp thing: