PP 011: Googolplexia // Butt - Ass-Sick Creeps (Split 45)

 A parody of/loving tribute to Fishboy's Classic Creeps in name, form, and subject matter. Googolplexia and Butt each wrote a song about the other, the Fishboy embroidery circuit was responsible for the art, the tracks flow into one another seamlessly (except, ahem, for the fact that you have to flip the record over - BUT it comes with a digital download that can solve that problem a little), there's a comic included by Bunnygrunt's Matt Harnish, and here we are! This one is slated for hopeful release on National Record Store Day (04/21) of 2012. An official release date/concert/party for this double B-Side record occurred on August 11th, MMXII. 

Butt & Googolplexia - ASS-SICK CREEPS split 45
Side This:
  1. Googolplexia - "Butt Release"
Side That:
  1. Butt - "Ass Disaster"

 UPDATE (08/11/2012): Now you can get ASS-SICK CREEPS by mail-order: just click the mini-version of the artwork below! It costs $6.75 postage paid. Someday I'll set up the mail-order part of PancakeProductions.net to be all fancy and allow for creating a proper shopping cart, but for now I'm too stupid, so you just gotta buy stuff piecemeal, as it were. NOTE TO INTERNATIONAL FRIENDS: Shipping will cost more for you, depending on where you are. E-Mail for information on how much that is likely to be, or just order the record as usual and we can talk about it between then and when I send 'er out!