PP 021 - You Wanna Be Just Like Bunnygrunt:
A Loving Tribute To The First 21½ Years

 Check it out guys, it's the brand-new and improved BUNNYGRUNT.COM! Which is now dedicated to this Bunnygrunt tribute release! But might not always be, who knows!? This thing was released 30 August MMXIV at The Engine Room At Feraro's. I did my best to keep it a secret from Matt & Karen until that time. As it turns out, I basically succeeded! They were mighty surprised!


   Track Listing:
  1. Prune - "Mississippi"
  2. Popular Mechanics - "S. Kingshighway Bubblegum Factory"
  3. A Girl And Her Ghost - "Here Come The Vampires (+)"
  4. The Union Electric - "G.I.2K"
  5. The Kyle Sowashes - "More Loves Than Stupids"
  6. Horsey Drawers - "Monkey Pants '05"
  7. Red Pony Clock - "Alone In My Principles"
  8. The Ottomen - "Superstar 666"
  9. Googolplexia - "All I Got For Christmas Was This Lousy Boy" (featuring Eric Von Damage)
  10. Sex Robots - "Criminal Boy" (featuring Marisa Bergquist)
  11. Middle Class Fashion - "Don't Turn Down The High"
  12. BassAmp & Dan-O - "Cricket Pants"
  13. Unlikely Friends - "Jenny Not Any Dots"
  14. The Winchester - "Where Eagles Dare, Pt. 2"
  15. Macro Meltdown - "Inanimate Objects"
  16. Bill Michalski - "Omaha"
  17. Cars Can Be Blue - "I Am Curious Partridge"
  18. The Secret Band Of Brown Bear - "Me & My Vampire Friends"
  19. Lê Almeida - "1000% Not Creepy"
  20. Patience Please - "Again With The Skirt"
  21. J.C. Hutto & The Boogie-Woogie Bluesin' Pterodactyls - "Fix It, Because You Can"
  22. The Besties - "Favorite Food"
  23. Casper And The Cookies - "Hometown Rockstar"
  24. Fishboy - "(Fish)Boy Meets Wall"
  25. Butt - "Fish Of Life"
  26. Normandie Wilson - "Party Boy"

      I spent nearly four years of my life, all of my money, and a good deal of my sanity putting this thing together AND keeping it secret. There are a lot of stories to tell about the way it all came together. Maybe someday I will tell them RIGHT HERE. This is Bunnygrunt DOT COM after all!

     The cover art is a painting by Jaime Lees of Project Twinkle. It is based on a photograph of early-era Bunnygrunt in a van taken by Sean Tollefson of Tullycraft. Matt definitely still has some of the cases you see in the back of the van there.

     You can preview this thing, or download it at will, maybe even read some liner-notes, at the Pancake Productions BandCamp Site or on the BandCamp doohickey below.

     Best of all, you can buy a copy of the compact disc, which includes not only the liner-notes essay by Pancake Master and the beautiful layout design-art by Bill Michalski, but on the other side of that, the Bunnygrunt-from-various-eras photographs collage 10"x10" poster (also by Bill)! It's $12.50 postage-paid. INTERNATIONAL FRIENDS: Shipping for you will cost a little more. Please and let's work it out!