Miscellaneous MustardMusic

Check out these sweet BONUS tracks, whether not-yet-released, rarity, or compilation tracks!   Click the track names to listen, or right-click (Control+click if using Apple computers) and choose "Save As..." to download.

1. Joey (MustardRØB's ProTools Class Mix) (7.18MB)

This version of "Joey" was eventually turned in to Jonathan Laufersweiler of St. Louis band The Bureau, who was MustardRØB's ProTools class teacher at St. Louis Community College at the time.

2. 5eason's Freaklings (from The Bert Dax Cavalcade of Stars's A Very Bert Dax Christmas, Volume Five) (5.60MB)

This is the recording made throughout mid- to late 2006, which we submitted for the fifth installment of A Very Bert Dax Christmas, the best recurring local compilation there is (Googolplexia was featured on Volume Three). It is a cover of a classic Bunnygrunt song called "Season's Freaklings" (which itself was a great inspiration for the Googolplexia track from A Very Bert Dax Christmas, Volume Three, and which appeared in the Terry Zwigoff film Bad Santa) with a third verse, penned by MustardRØB, added. Also, the Mustardfish version is mostly in 5/4 time (with short breaks for 3/4 time here and there). The version given freely to you here is the unmastered version, as we submitted it. In order to get the super-sweet version, you should buy the super-great CD which is available at Vintage Vinyl and at Mustardfish shows. If the next Pancake Productions show is unannounced or a long way off, contact me and shipping thereof can be arranged.

Listen to the original Bunnygrunt version if it pleases you.