29 January 2007

It's a little bit past the time when such "news" would be pertinent, but I did find another online review of A Very Bert Dax Christmas, Volume Five and I figured I should excerpt it here for you guys to read (originally written on 14 December 2006):


In case you wanna be one of the people who knows stuff, here is some stuff to know: This Friday...CD release [show] for the fifth volume of "A Very Bert Dax Christmas"...Mustardfish...kicks a lot of ass...the season is really will only cost you $5...attend...


The site of origin, located here, doesn't make it abundantly clear who wrote this originally, but thanks all the same on behalf of Mustardfish!

14 January 2007
Be sure to visit Carson Minow's "St. Louis Traffic" feature of the website of St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay. The episode linked above features the Mustardfish cover of Bunnygrunt's "Season's Freaklings." It's a little low in the mix, but you can listen to the whole song (as well as the original Bunnygrunt version) by visiting the Mustardfish miscellaneous songs page.

15 December 2006
My goodness, tonight's show was most righteous and triumphant. Many luminaries from St. Louis and beyond were there. The Transmitters and the Monads rocked, and then Eric Hall slowed things down to a slightly more mellow (and more Christmasy I dare say!). Mustardfish played last and managed to fit their whole set in. A good time was had by all!

The reception was warm, the atmosphere was nice, I gave away a few pens and pins, and my there were a lot of softball Squids there! 'Twas a mighty fine time. Lemmons is definitely a great place to play.

Also in case anyone was wondering, the new A Very Bert Dax Christmas CD compilation for which this whole thang was arranged from the start, is awesome. A hearty "thanks" and "congratulations" to Matt Harnish for yet another successful year. Here's to many more! Maybe we can get Cecil Mortimer on the next one (he is the old man that does some speech parts on both Googolplexia's "Holiday Rockin'" and Mustardfish's "5eason's Freaklings" recordings).

Jolly good, then!

10 December 2006
A Very Bert Dax Christmas, Volume Five has been released and is now available at Vintage Vinyl in University City. It features (among other great St. Louis bands performing holiday fare from near and far) Mustardfish with a 5/4-time rendition of Bunnygrunt's "Season's Freaklings" (dubbed "5eason's Freaklings") on account of its time signature). Visit this Music Download page to hear the unmastered version.

Mustardfish will be playing a release show for this, the greatest recurring local compilation, on Friday, December 15th, 2006, starting at 9:00PM at Lemmons, 5800 Gravois in St. Louis. 21 and up only, the cover charge will be about $5. Visit the St. Louis concerts page for more information.

29 November 2006
It has, once again, been over a year since the last MustardNews update. Well rest assured, we are still rocking, if somewhat less regularly or in slightly different incarnations from Mustardfish.

Mustardfish will be making a contribution to this year's A Very Bert Dax Christmas, the best regular local compilation (even if the competition was stiff for that title, I'm confident Bert Dax would come out on top). Eventually the MP3 will be available for download from here, but we are waiting until the CD comes out, at which point we'll offer a more compressed, unmastered version here (in other words, just buy the CD, why don'tchya?).

We did play a show on October 8th of this year, but before that it had been over a year, I believe, since our last show. Man, how time flies.

Anyway be sure not to miss this year's Xmas Round II Musical Bonanza Blowout Spectacular, which promises great things. Readings from out-of-towners, an accompanying art show, lots of awesome bands (including HERC), and as always, plenty of generic brand slim jims and circus peanuts! Get gussied up in your maroon and navy blue and get on over to the Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center on Friday, January 12th, 2007!

22 August 2005
Man, it has been over a year since I updated! No wonder nobody checks this site (not that they ever did, or I'd insert an "anymore" here). Actually there are prob'ly more reasons than just that. Anyway my friends! Mustardfish played what was perhaps our most fun show ever at the apartment of our buddy Lord of the Yum Yum. He didn't really play (at least, not his typical Yum Yum stuff) but some movies were shown, some electronic ragtime enhancement was heard, some rock-paper-scissors tournament was televised, some little ditties were played and sung, and plenty of hummus and salsa was consumed by all (or at least, me). The quickest game ever of SIMON SAYS also took place (everyone but the winner got out on the second command). Then we played a tight set and everyone (all 15 people there) seemed to love it. Yum Yum (Paul) made us up some burns of random songs of ours right quick (straight from the internet) and we gave them all away after making sharpie-on-blank-paper artwork (it was different for each one, but all were titled with some combination of the words "Shark Russian Apple Rocket"). Later we went to Alex's house and a bunch of Amanda Link's brother's friends thought we were awesome after we played a few hoarse-voice versions of our various songs (we actually sorta exhausted our songbook). 'Twas a sweet weekend for Mustardfish as they rocked at their first ever out-of-town show (and then played an unexpected show)! Perhaps it was also the first time we ever played two shows in one night!

31 August 2004
The only real news is that a Mustardfish of sorts is contributing a track to this year's local Xmas compilation A Very Bert Dax Christmas, Volume III, put out, as always, by "Bert Dax" himself (Matt Harnish of Bunnygrunt, Brown Company, and Vintage Vinyl on Delmar employeeship fame). Actually the track will be listed as a Googolplexia track but come on, it's as much Mustardfish news as anything. Plus, who knows? Maybe we'll be on next year's compilation as Mustardfish (Matt doesn't like using the same act twice, and I certainly applaud him for that!).

Also, today is like the third anniversary of our first club show (at the Galaxy, with friends Surkranikhan). Obviously, The site is up and running, but it's a little skeletal so far (in case ya couldn't tell...durr). Keep checkin' back for the sweetness.