PP 000 - Pancake Productions Summer Sampler MMX

  Click the image of the CD cover art below, or right here, to stream this sampler and download any individual track FREE (for a dollar--the original price of this compilation on CD--you can download the whole thing at once). Read below the image or visit the BandCamp thing for more information about this fine sampler!

Pancake Productions Summer Sampler MMX

Track Listing:

  1. The Shitty Friends - "When The Train"
  2. The Fantasy Four - "Open Wide"
  3. King Kong Magnetics - "Mangia Girl"
  4. Popular Mechanics - "Better Off In The End"
  5. Bunnygrunt - "Outer Spaceways Incorporated"
  6. Jordan Knecht - "For Mike, For Kansas"
  7. Googolplexia - "C'est Une Affiche"
  8. Mike Stasny - "I Am Mike Stasny"
  9. Mustardfish - "Joey"
  10. M.S.I.F. - "Always And Forever"
  11. Cardiac Arrest - "Old New"
  12. Daniel Kenneth McKenzie Thomas - "Cherokee Street"

 I made this page just as a placeholder 'til the spankin' new and incredible website re-design comes into play. This is the first ever Pancake Productions sampler. It features Pancake Productions artists and other friends (that is, potential Pancake Productions artists). If you ask nicely, you can have one. If you give me a dollar, you don't have to ask nicely. If you buy anything else from me, you neither have to give me a dollar NOR ask nicely. As of right now: First I made 50, then 35, then 14, then 16, then 30, then 15, then 39, for a current total of 199 (with no intentions of making any more). All except #116-#159 included a surprise inside. I ran out of surprises but have more now, so they're included again--if you were unlucky enough to get one of the surprise-free discs (which came with my business card instead of the intended surprise), let me know and I will send you a surprise, sure enough. UPDATE (09/29/2010): I only have 10-15 of these left, and am tryin' to get a buck apiece fer 'em. Even that won't begin to recoup the printing costs alone, to say nothing of the materials costs. I may offer the whole thing for upload here once I run out and/or once the winter compilation arrives on the scene. UPDATE (10/26/2010): I have officially run out of these, but you can download the entire compilation as (mostly) 192kbps MP3s (plus artwork), all in a ZIP file, by clicking on the image below, or here. Be on the lookout for the winter MMXI compilation, scheduled for release come, say, everyone's favorite fake circus-peanut-infused holiday in mid-January. UPDATE (07/14/2014): No more downloading of this thing for free from this site. Stream it from the PP 000 BandCamp page, or download the individual tracks there, or sock a dollar to me for the whole thing all at once.

Click on track titles to listen/download the songs indicated for a samplin' of the sampler. Or, again, just get the whole darn'd thing here.

Wowzers check out the sweet review that my fellow dude LONEWOLF gave this bad boy in Issue #16 of Dudes Magazine (NOTE: Their website is in dire need of an update):