Dan McKenzie

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Dan-dogg works at Applied Logic, Inc. He made a lot of in-camera-edited camcorder movies way back when. Check 'im out!

  1. Grow Up, You're Too Old For Haunted Houses (2007)...Hobo #1
  2. White Collar Recon (2006)...Mojito
  3. Pour Chaque «Non» (2005)...L'Homme Qui Crache
  4. Hayseed George & The Dragon (2005)...Blake
  5. RoboKatz (1995)...Serenekat/Tiger Shaman (voices)
  6. King Arthur Vs. The Gypsies (1995)...King Arthur/Lord Gypsy (voice)
  7. Sunflower Ridge (1994)...King Arthur/Hunter #1
  8. The Wrath Of Jesus (1994)...Ninja Savage/Nephew of Ninja Savage
  9. Alive II (1994)...Sweeping Guy


  1. White Collar Recon (2006)...All sorts of stuff?
  2. Hayseed George & The Dragon (2005)...Dragon Wrangler
  3. RoboKatz (1995)...Camera/Sets
  4. King Arthur Vs. The Gypsies (1995)...Camera/Props
  5. Sunflower Ridge (1994)...Camera/Props
  6. The Wrath Of Jesus (1994)...Camera/Props
  7. Alive II (1994)...Camera

Man, check out all those sweet movies that Dan worked on. I wish my repertoire included some righteousness like The Wrath of Jesus.

Pancake Productions is sponsoring a full restoration and digital re-mastering (of sorts), not to mention, release, of all of Dan's movies from 1994 and 1995. It is not going as swiftly as hoped, but still promises to eventually occur.

Dan and other friends Tom and Dan and Lottie and Mandy as well as a bunch of others worked on a 48 Hour Film in St. Louis in 2006 as "The Scrapyard." They made the film White Collar Recon and it was oh-so-sweet.

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