Pancake Productions People

These people have, by and large, made my movies possible. I used to make a profile page for anyone who had worked on more than one of my films. I realized that many of these pages may well never be updated again, and therefore set about whittling the list of Pancake Productions team members down to the core elements of the "Active Roster" below. These are people who are actively involved in the production of current or very recent Pancake Production, or otherwise folks who had an indelible impact on the creation of a very wide body of Pancake Productions. Thos who are not so active are listed on the "Inactive Roster" accordingly. In site overhauls to come, some of the inactive roster members may even have their individual pages vanquished altogether.

Nowadays, getting a profile on here has less to do with the mere number of Pancake Productions with which you've been involved than with how committed you have been, and how committed you are likely to continue to be, to Pancake Productions.

Please feel welcome and encouraged to submit content (credits) or photographs for yourself or others on thehse pages.


*Indicates profile has an attached photo gallery

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