Keith Hueffmeier

Keith was born someplace in mid-July of 1979 (I think). He's one of the best all-around dudes to have on a crew and also he's a knowledgable and willing worker.

  1. Pour Chaque «Non» (2005)...L'Homme Surpris
  2. Chosen (2004)...Classroom Student
  3. Peat Bikin' (2002)...Nerdy Dude


  1. Fish In A Bottle (????)...Director of Photography
  2. Kingshighway (2008)...2nd Assistant Camera
  3. Grow Up, You're Too Old For Haunted Houses (2007)...Director of Photography
  4. Ghost Image (2007)...2nd Assistant Camera
  5. Alice (2007)...Camera Loader
  6. Bill (2007)...Camera Loader
  7. Alien Vs. Alien (2007)...Camera Loader
  8. The Cantina Bar Tales (2007)...Assistant Camera
  9. "Chain Hang Low" (Jibbs Music Video) (2006)...2nd Assistant Camera
  10. "Pop, Lock, And Drop It" (Huey Music Video) (2006)...2nd Assistant Camera
  11. "Here's To Beer" (Anheuser-Busch Commercial) (2006)...2nd Assistant Camera
  12. Super (2006)...Gaffer
  13. Saving Shiloh (2006)...2nd Assistant Camera
  14. Mistaken Love Stories, Part One (2006)...Director of Photography
  15. Stealing Home (2006)...Director of Photography
  16. Steel City (2006)...Electric Swing, Grip
  17. "In Ya Face" (Ebony Eyez Music Video) (2005)...Electrician
  18. Abdul Loves Cleopatra (2005)...Assistant Camera, Electrician, Grip
  19. Apocalypse & The Beauty Queen (2005)...Electrician, Grip
  20. Pour Chaque «Non» (2005)...Assistant Camera, Location Sound, Gaffer, Grip, Boom Operator
  21. The Tribesman (2005)...Key Grip
  22. Mistaken Love Stories, Part II (2005)...Director of Photography
  23. I'm Sorry, Mr. Reeves (2005)...Gaffer
  24. The Game Of Their Lives (2005)...Location Department Intern
  25. Dial 'M' For Hobo (2004)...Gaffer
  26. Joe (2004)...Grip
  27. Chosen (2004)...Key Grip
  28. Lighter (2003)...Writer, Director
  29. Grumboon (2002)...Grip
  30. Peat Bikin' (2002)...Electrician
  31. Drawer's Block (2002)...Gaffer
  32. A Bright Idea (2002)...Writer, Director

Keith's a coo' dude. I know he's done work on a CRAPload more movies, including junk I worked on myself, but I don't know them all and I'll have to find out sometime, yeah. Keithber is the sweetness.

Such the sweetness, in fact, that he also has his own site on IMDb.

On the night of June 17th, 2005, at the Cinema St. Louis-sponsored all-movies Trivia Night, Keith officially became an award-winning Kevin Bacon look-alike.

Keith was originally slated to be the Director of Photography for Severed Will Of The Seppuku Warrior, but he got a real job and couldn't play around with his friends that weekend. Then it turned out the movie was awesome, and Keith felt dumb for not doing it. Actually he prob'ly doesn't care, and nobody can blame him for wanting to make money instead of goofing off and losing sleep. OR CAN THEY?!

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