2004 Movies

Okay, so regrettably, I didn't finish any "Pancake Productions" in 2004. However, 2004 saw many memorable events, such as:

  • I worked on many, many other peoples' films in various capacities (see list below)
  • I acquired some excellent resources (computer-wise) to aid in the process of filmmaking, restoring, and finishing up some of those old "complete but sorta incomplete" Pancake Productions
  • Principal photography on Pour Chaque «Non» was completed, and a picture lock was achieved
  • Principal photography on Hayseed George & The Dragon was accomplished
  • Editing was accomplished on Paris: The City Of..., leaving only monologue writing and music recording left (it's all up to Andrew now)

However, I worked on many films made by various people throughout the year, just so you know I wasn't entirely unproductive (2003* style). These included, and were possibly not limited to the following projects (links included where applicable; director's name in parentheses):

*Note: Some of these, such as Diary Of A Co-Worker, were worked-upon mostly in 2003. Also, I worked on a handful of films and other projects from late 2002 to early 2004 and my brain sometimes muddles what's what. See my own page for more information.

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