2003 Movies

2003 wasn't a very productive year, now that I think about it.  Check out 2001, 2002, or 2004 if you wanna learn something about my movies.   However, we did start shooting Pour Chaque «Non» on August 23, 2003 (also shooting parts of that film in, I believe, each of the remaining months of 2003), and I was the Production Designer on a piece called Joe (dir. Geoff Tippit) that shot in July and August of that year.

Bit by bit, this page gets more information on it (as my memory of 2003 comes back).  It used to have practically nothing on it!  Someday maybe it'll be a huge treatise on the year 2003 and what an ultimately productive year it really was, after all.  Until then, just stare at this mostly-blank page, or eat a burrito or something.

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