2001 Movies

2001 is really when I started making movies, aside from some stop-motion animation done with Matt Smith and Sam Marshall back in the day, and of course the Squideos with which I had something to do.   Let's say 2001 is the year when it became a scholastic interest rather than merely a subjective one.   In other words, it's when editing was first brought to the equation.   Don't make fun of me for these movies if you ever bother to watch them here or elsewhere; I swear I was just starting out (heck, sometimes I feel as though I'm still "just starting out"). All the same, I am proud of this work. If I wasn't, at least in the slightest, why would I post MOV files of it for all to see?

Gonna Be Late

What Is Mustardfish?

Fair Fare Taxi Company Commercial


Pirates PSA

Summer School Dream Daze


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