Fair Fare Taxi Company Commercial

Year: 2001 (?)
Length: 30 Seconds
Color: Black/White
Language: Silent/English
Status: Mostly Finished (Post-Production)


"Fair Fare: The Taxi You Can Trust."
"Be On Vacation, With Fair Fare Taxi."


"Trustable Taxi" Driver
Fair Fare Taxi Company Driver
Alex Miles YOUNGER


Written, Produced, Photographed, Edited, and Directed by
Written by
Alex MILES (As Alex YOUNGER) ("Trustable Taxi" Sign)


Written and Performed by RØB SEVERSON
Recorded and Mixed by Ronald James WARNER at Solar Squid Studios


I'm kind of confident I will never make a stills gallery for this movie. Eventually you will be able to watch the movie in its entirety by clicking on the picture that will one day be at the top of this page, though--and that is worlds better than any stills gallery could offer! This is just a 30-second commercial anyway; a stills gallery would be sorta pointless.


Ahh yes, the "Fair Fare" Taxi Commercial. This, friends, was the first thing made by yours truly that was ever committed to celluloid. It's rather humerous, and entertaining--or at least, I reckon it will be when it's FINISHED finished (as of now, it's only partly finished). Some of the camera speed got screwy, but it totally contributes to the effect rather than takes away from it. We had to do a commercial for our first Film I project, and I chose to do it for this mythical taxi company. Kyle sort of reprised his role from this film as the second of the two Towtruck Brothers (of which he played both) in Pour Chaque «Non».

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