Ron Warner

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Ron Warner was born in 1980 in South Carolina. He graduated from St. Louis Priory (High) School in Town & Country, MO in 1998. He lived in Waterloo Belgium for a coupla non-consecutive years. He graduated from Webster University with a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts in May 2003. Now he acts in movies and tinkers with audio and stuff.

  1. Hayseed George & The Dragon (2006)...Hayseed George
  2. Severed Will Of The Seppuku Warrior (2006)...DeathShake, Cafı Patron #4
  3. Pour Chaque «Non» (2005)...L'Homme
  4. Sasquatch In Missouri (2004)...Ron
  5. MoMo the Missouri Monster (2004)...Himself
  6. Shooting In Missouri (2004)...Himself
  7. Ron W. of Franklin County (2003)...Ron W.
  8. What is Mustardfish? (2001)...Himself/Member of Mustardfish
  9. Everything in Its Right Place (2000)...Himself
  10. Clearest Waters of the Earth, The (1999)...Himself
  11. Fake: Live At Eigenbrakel (1998)...Himself/Drummer
  12. I: Mustard (1998)...Himself
  13. Sulfur (1997)...Himself
  14. Elizabeth Cady Stanton: Mop Man (1997)...Himself/Presenter
  15. Days of Alcatraz, The (1997)...
  16. We Are Aliens (1996)...Himself
  17. Squids Of The Mall (1996)...Himself/The Bubble King
  18. Trek for the Yellophone (1995)...Space Ranger #1
  19. "Blueberries in the Morning with Rone, Country Tom, and the Boys of Destiny" (1995)...Rone/Various (All Three Episodes)


  1. Hayseed George & The Dragon (2006)...Props/Costumes
  2. Severed Will Of The Seppuku Warrior (2006)...Sound Design
  3. Pour Chaque «Non» (2005)...Music Recordist/Mixer, Sound Editing, Sound Mixer
  4. Man Without A Clue, The (2002)...Music Recordist/Mixer
  5. The Look Of... (2002)...Grip
  6. Fair Fare Taxi Company Commercial (2001)...Music Recordist/Mixer
  7. What Is Mustardfish? (2001)...Composer (Song "I'm On Vacation")

Ron plays in the band Mustardfish.

Ron has a site on IMDB, too!

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