Andrew Thiermann

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Andrew was born in Ames, Iowa in early July 1980. Since then he's lived in England, Belgium, France, and Australia at various times. He now lives in Chicago, where he shot his scenes for What Is Mustardfish? back in 2001, long before he lived there.

  1. Severed Will Of The Seppuku Warrior (2006)...Louis
  2. Paris: The City Of... (2005)...Guy
  3. What is Mustardfish? (2001)...Himself/Interviewee
  4. Countdown (2001)...6


  1. Pour Chaque «Non» (2005)...Executive Producer, Boom Operator (Paris Unit)
  2. Paris: The City Of... (2005)...Writer, Producer, Music

Andrew's father Alejandro did the Spanish voice for the audio introduction of Pour Chaque «Non».

One time Coire Reilly was like "those Belgian Lambics just sorta taste like wine coolers" and Andrew got hopping mad (pun fully intended!)!

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