Bobbi Jo Leykam

Bobbi was born in December of 1980. I think she was born in the St. Louis area. She lived most've her life in the Maplewood area. She now lives at Pancake Productions Headquarters and likes acting in movies and drinking.

  1. Pour Chaque «Non» (2005)...La Serveuse
  2. Hayseed George & The Dragon (2005)...Ellie Mae


  1. Pour Chaque «Non» (2005)...Art Department
  2. Hayseed George & The Dragon (2005)...Assistant Camera

Bobbi once played in a band called the Paisley Sound, who once opened for Mustardfish. Or maybe we opened for them, I don't remember. We played together, anyway.

Bobbi works at Blueberry Hill and parties with Joe Edwards, who owns the Loop, or something like that, all the time. She needs to ask him if he'll be my Sugar Daddy.

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