Jonathan Strange

Jonathan is muh dogg I met through Andrew and he lives in Chicago. We partied New Years 2004-2005 at Alex's place in Chicago, and he hung out while we recorded the music for Paris: The City Of....

  1. Severed Will Of The Seppuku Warrior (2006)...Killed Café Patron #2
  2. What Is Mustardfish? (2001)...Himself/Interviewee
  3. Countdown (2001)...8


  1. Severed Will Of The Seppuku Warrior (2006)...Ice Cream Truck Driver

Jonathan can be seen at various Improv Olympic events in the Chicago area.

Jonathan loves Seafood.

When Ron and I visited Chicago to shoot the segment(s) of What Is Mustardfish?, we got the phone number of Jonathan's sister-in-law, or something like that, so we could contact Andrew, who was in the country from his Belgian/English home at the time. Then Ron and I were at a party at Lauren's house in early 2002 sometime and we called the number, and I left a message about how "I directed your brother-in-law Jonathan in a documentary once" *CLICK!* It was pretty hilarious.

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