Courtney Kennedy

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Courtney Kennedy was born in November of 1980. She makes movies of her own from time to time, when she isn't busy helping out with Pancake Productions and other stuff!

  1. Grow Up, You're Too Old For Haunted Houses (2007)...Drew Cocinelle
  2. Severed Will Of The Seppuku Warrior (2006)...Linda Garren, Bank Manager
  3. The Webbies (2006)...Art Gang Member
  4. Back To The Webbies (2005)...Orson Welles's Makeup Girl
  5. Bigorexia (2005)...Friend
  6. Retreat (2004)...Group Leader


  1. Severed Will Of The Seppuku Warrior (2006)...Art Direction, Assistant Director, Ice Cream Truck Rental
  2. The Tribesman (2005)...Art Director, Costumes
  3. Talley Twins Strike Back, The (2005)...Art Director
  4. Pour Chaque «Non» (2005)...Art Department
  5. Paris: The City Of... (2005)...Editor
  6. Diary Of A Co-Worker (2005)...Boom Operator
  7. Josie (2003)...
  8. Elisabeth Swados & The Incredible Feeling (2002)...
  9. Tell Me A Story (2002)...
  10. Thursday Night, 6PM (2002)...
  11. She Devils (2000)...
  12. Love Spelled Backwards (2000)...

Courtney also sews and makes some wicked stuff. There are pictures of it someplace on the internet but I'm not sure where.

Courtney is quite an actress--she was in the fall 2003 St. Louis Community College at Forest Park production of Archibald MacLeish's J.B. (I tried out and did not make it if that means anything), for example.

Courtney makes her own movies, which most of the things on this page are, actually. I wish she'd tell me what she actually did on all of these projects; I have a feeling she basically did everything on them, though. Also she's adorable and tough!

Courtney resided in Cape Girardeau for a time, where she hot-shotted around as the manager of a fabric store and tried (somewhat unsuccessfully) to learn various martial arts (Hiiii-YAH!).

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