Jason Young

Jason is my dogg from Middle- and High School and workin' at Wild Horse Mobil and so forth. Then he threw away our friendship for no reason, and now he thinks I'm a useless bum, but we used to be friends, and he was in some movies I made.

  1. What Is Mustardfish? (2001)...Himself/Interviewee
  2. Countdown (2001)...9


Jason currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona, where he attends school.

Jason and I once created, and formerly tended, the Reel Loozerz, Inc. home page. Soon I'm gonna switch all that crap over to this server so as to avoid all the annoying pop-ups and such, which are so relentless and unbearable on Angelfire these days, it's just like ungh. Anyway, that was my first foray into web design. Hun-HANH!

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