Megan McCaul

Megan McCaul was a staple in a lot of my earlier films. She was born in late August of 1983, I think. She went to Webster University for awhile; who knows where she is now?

  1. Man Without A Clue, The (2002)...Lexie
  2. Gonna Be Late (2001)...Mother
  3. What is Mustardfish? (2001)...Herself/Interviewee
  4. Countdown (2001)...10


Megan stopped talking to me at one point, then she'd avoid me at public events we both attended (she still does). I am without explanation for this, but admittedly, I haven't done anything to remedy it.

All the same, I made sure she got a site on IMDb.

I wonder if it's too creepy (like, if she ever finds this site) that I put a picture of Megan up on it. I borrowed this one from her Friendster profile. I hope that even if she thinks I suck, she doesn't regret her acting jobs in the stuff she did for me, cuz she was always willing and generally did rather well.

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