PP 007 - Pancake Productions Wintry Sampler MMXI

 UPDATE (08/04/2011): All of the physical copies of this compilation have been distributed as of 08/01/2011. To download the whole thing as a ZIPfile with artwork and 192kbps MP3s, click the image of the CD below. 

Track Listing:
  1. hmrizzle - "Happy Jack Plays"*
  2. The Ditty Committee - "Do The Opposite"*
  3. Cardiac Arrest - "Abnormal Times"*
  4. M.S.I.F. - "Touch Me, Touch Me, I'm Just That Type Of Girl"
  5. Afternoon Naps - "Judy Bloom"*
  6. Pet Vortex - "Monkeytown U.S.A."*
  7. Normandie Wilson - "Elevator!" [Live at PancakeFesten 001]*
  8. Spelling Bee - "Cornucopia"
  9. Roundheels - "I Went Down"*
  10. Tekno Union Army - "Deutscher Designpreis"*
  11. Bill Michalski - "Mistress Of The Floppy Bangs"*
  12. Black For A Second - "4 Busted Bitches In The City"*
  13. Samuel Locke Ward - "What To Do?"*
  14. Blood Pony - "Bulletproof Tiger"*
  15. The Breaks - "Sister Nancy"
  16. The Union Electric - "Sentence"
  17. The Baysayboos - "Billy The Mime"*
  18. Warm Jets USA - "Peach Fuzz"*
  19. Fire Dog - "Wait To Die"*
  20. Bunnygrunt - "Young Abe Lincoln"*
  21. Popular Mechanics - "Obvious Display"
  22. King Kong Magnetics - "Gary Jaggoff (Laid Back In Da Crib)"
  23. The Fantasy Four - "Lovesick & Sick Of It"
  24. The Shitty Friends - "One Red Leaf"

 This time I went a little more nationwide! Also, there are twice as many tunes on here as on the Summer Sampler MMX, and none of them feature yours truly (whereas two did on the summer sampler). Songs from artists of Brooklyn (Ditty Committee), San Diego (Normandie Wilson), Chicago (Tekno Union Army), Cleveland (Afternoon Naps), and Iowa City (Samuel Locke Ward) are all featured herein (the rest are, or were, from good ol' Saint Louis). Click on track titles to listen/download the songs indicated for a samplin' of the sampler. First made available for release on 01/12/2011, at the 10th Annual XRII Bonanza Blowout Spectacular Extravaganza, PP 007 is available in a run of a whopping 199 CDs, and may be purchased for $1 wherever fine Pancake Productions are sold or $2 (postage paid) by clicking the image below. Samplers are also included FREE with a purchase of any other Pancake Production.

*Indicates this recording is previously unreleased in some way. Really the Breaks track should have one too but they released their EP without a release show like the day before XRII for reasons the universe shall never be able to calculate.