PP 013 - Pancake Productions Springly Sampler MMXII

 UPDATE (08/12/2012):All 99 physical copies are gone (except maybe a few at Vintage Vinyl and the like). Therefore, clickin' on the image of the CD below is a way to DOWNLOAD the whole thing!

The Return Of The Pancake Sampler! After over a year off from samplerdom, this newest Pancake sampler is slated for release 04/21/2012 (yes, it's National Record Store Day!). It features some of the usual misfits, and some not-quite-so-usual misfits, too!

Track Listing:
  1. Heather & Matt - "Whispering"*
  2. Bill Michalski - "Perfection" (1996)
  3. Quief Quota - "Indian Summer"*
  4. Spelling Bee - "I Am Gust"*
  5. Justin DiCenzo - "Hold Back"*
  6. Phantom Real Estate - "The History Of My City"*
  7. Bunnygrunt - "Don't Forget Who Your Friends Are"*
  8. Pillow Talk - "Havin' A Havin' A Good Time"
  9. Normandie Wilson - "Good Things"*
  10. M.S.I.F. - "Guitar Segway"*
  11. mammal complex - "Vestige"*
  12. Butt - "My Babies Got Rabies"*
  13. Googolplexia - "Comic Geeks Theme Song"*
  14. The Pat Sajak Assassins - "Laika The Dog"*
  15. Dubb Nubb - "Tango Till They're Sore"*
  16. Fishboy - "Autumn The Owl (Mistakes The Feelings Of Being In Love With The Feeling Of Being An Owl)"*
  17. Nefertiti - "Code Brown"*
  18. The Trouble With Magical Thinking - "Two Hour Wizard Fight"*
  19. The Vanilla Beans - "Hasta Luego"*
  20. Bug Chaser - "White Claps"*
  21. The Union Electric - "Atlantic City"*
  22. Eskimo Village - "I Am A Squid" (Live at XRII MMVI)*
  23. Fire Dog - "Hellbender" (with Bruce Cockburn)*
  24. Nintendoboy - "Surf's Up Motherfucker"
  25. Trigger 5 - "Cheatin' Walk"
  26. Bassamp And Dano - "We Got Him"*
  27. Middle Class Fashion - "My Attack"
  28. Zak Marmalefsky - "Zones"
  29. Grasstallers - "Haunted Heart"*
  30. The Fantasy Four - "Bike"*

 Not as nationwide as the previous Pancake sampler, but this one has more tracks overall, more EXCLUSIVE tracks, and more VARIETY! A few covers, a few instrumentals, a few noise tracks, a few old tunes, a few one-offs, and even some spoken-word in there! Most of these tracks are otherwise UNRELEASED as of the time of this sampler's release (if not in perpetuity). It broke me up inside a little bit to have to ultimately axe or turn down tracks from Ellen The Felon, Black James, King Kong Magnetics, Rick Steves, Whoa Thunder, and Voices Of The Elderly, but I have this to say/report: those can always go on the FALL SAMPLER I do later this year! This thing is pretty beastly; almost 79 minutes long. Unfortunately, therefore, no room was left for a handful of the hot tracks that were submitted towards the end of my deadline (which I extended by almost a week after some time freed up, as it was. The original tracklist only numbered 24!).

Physical copies (made in the exclusive limited quantity of 99!) will come with a limited-edition Pancake Productions sticker, too! For the first time, this sampler's CD face also features what has become the traditional Pancake Productions "label" design, courtesy of Bill Michalski. I printed 'em up and affixed 'em myself. I also hand-numbered each CD and each CD's "case," which I also hand-folded myself.

As has become usual, I'll sell these for a dollar or give 'em out free with purchases of other Pancake Productions, until they're all gone, at which point I'll post the whole thing here as a free ZIPfile of MP3s (that download will NOT come with a free limited-edition sticker, though, so shell out, whydon'tchya?). While you're waiting for that to happen (ya cheapskate!), you can always download the Summer Sampler MMX or the Wintry Sampler MMXI, cuz I don't have any copies of those left (although if you really want a CD copy, you can probably find one if you scour the local record shops).

*Previously/Otherwise Unreleased, at the time of this sampler's release