Miscellaneous MP3s

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1. Holiday Rockin' (8.07MB)

This is the recording, made mostly in September of 2004, of "Holiday Rockin'," which appears in final, mastered form on the third of The Bert Dax Cavalcade Of Stars's annual compilations named A Very Bert Dax Christmas. To hear the mastered version, kindly buy the compilation CD at a Googolplexia show (or less kindly, buy it at Vintage Vinyl--available there on December 7th, 2004 or so).

2. I Dated A Zombie (2.05MB)

This particular year (2008), Matt decided to release a Halloween compilation in addition to his usual Xmas fare. He asked me to be on it and specifically to cover this Bunnygrunt song dating from 1996, originally appearing as a B-side on the Johnny Angel 7". It was recorded on the morning of July 26th, 2008 at Penny Studios (the later Arkansas Avenue location) by Mario Viele with the help of Jason Hutto. Most of the other songs on the compilation were recorded there that day as well--I went first, starting sometime in the 10 o' clock hour. As I did with the Mustardfish version of "Season's Freaklings", I've added a verse of my own design here, and Karen (of Bunnygrunt) herself said she liked it (Matt's input was solicited in the studio for whether to use the lyric "you're still pretty stacked" rather than the fleetingly considered "you've got a pretty good rack"). The track is presented here as a compressed MP3 but can be bought unfettered on a disc with seven other mega-hot cuts from other local artists at any given Googolplexia show, as well as at various locally-owned-and-operated record stores. Smashing!

Listen to the original Bunnygrunt Version if you like! The transfer from 7" isn't so hot. Someday I hope to correct that. For now, deal with it or buy the 7" yourself!

3. C'est Une Affiche (5.31MB)

Recorded by Mike Stasny on 9 July 2010 for the Pancake Productions Summer Sampler MMX (Okay, so I made a page for it after all. Check'r out). Straight from the concert halls of Paris (pronounce that "puh-REE") to PancakeProductions.net, it's everyone's favorite Googolplexia song that's en franšais (that's French for "in French").