A Pizza That Action

Year: 2002
Length: 6 minutes
Color: Color
Language: English
Status: Completed 2002


A lonely woman waits in her apartment for her scrumptious pizza. Can the pizza boy...a-hem...deliver?


Hannah WOLFE
Pizza Boy
Alex Miles YOUNGER (As Miles Knob)


Photographed, Edited, Written, & Directed by
Co-Written & Conceived by
Alex Miles YOUNGER (as Alex YOUNGER)
Hannah WOLFE


Music from The Schulmädchen Report (swingin' German adult film music from the 1970s) performed by Gert Wilden and his Orchestra


Check out some still images from A Pizza That Action in the A Pizza That Action stills gallery.


This particular Pancake Production, while ostensibly shame-inducing, is still pretty riotous, especially for those that know any of the involved parties. Alex and Hannah enlisted my help to create a cinematic backdrop for a Cabaret they were doing with other theatre major members of our class--the chief topic of the cabaret being sex, the season being around or shortly after Valentines Day (I think it was actually well into March, but can't be sure as it was over 5½ years ago now). I willingly obliged, and the results were terribly hilarious and decidedly parodic of adult film stereotypes. If you don't blink too many times you might even see clips of...well, I don't know what it's called, and it's probably better seen than recounted here in any case. Good luck convincing anyone to show this piece to you in its entirety, though.

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