The Man Without A Clue Stills Gallery

Man, we took like no Production Stills on MWAC. Maybe someday there'll be some stills from the roll-out of me wheelchairing around and Lexie Korba hangin' out, et c.

We DO, however, have screenshots-a-plenty from good ol' The Man Without A Clue.

Charles Withingworth III appalled at the makeout session between Lexie and Dale (RØB Severson) 'I work in the darkest shadows of the bleakest streets of the dreariest town on the map.' (Kyle MAYER) 'Dangling?' (RØB SEVERSON) 'Darling, who is this...this?' (RØB SEVERSON, Megan McCAUL Guy Wise deep in contemplation about his situation (Kyle MAYER) Guy Wise introduces himself to Lexie and Charles (RØB SEVERSON, Megan McCAUL, Kyle MAYER) Lexie, disgusted or at least confused with one of Guy's many poorly-wrought colloquialisms (Megan McCAUL) A battle of grammarians (Megan McCAUL, Kyle MAYER) Lexie has a change of heart (Megan McCAUL) Guy and Lexie embrace after overcoming their differences (Megan McCAUL, Kyle MAYER) Lexie looks annoyed at the intrusion (Megan McCAUL) Breathless in a moment of passion, the two lovers decide to leave this place (Megan McCAUL, Kyle MAYER) THEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEND! (Megan McCAUL, Kyle MAYER)

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