Diary Of A Co-Worker Stills Gallery

Here it is: the first official, "pretty-much-done" Pancake Productions STILLS GALLERY! I'm pretty excited. First there is a Production Stills section (in this rare case, consisting of not only the standard production stills, but also a sweet MOV slideshow thereof!), and later on there is a Screenshots section if you would like to see some images that actually occur onscreen in the film.

Here is a Slide Show in Quicktime movie format for you to enjoy. It comes complete with score music from the film! Underneath it are several other production stills; some are included in the slideshow. Take your pick!

These are images taken directly from the movie! Consider yourself TEASED!

Get your hands off me! Whispers in the alley Give me that gum! Duuuurrrrrr... Grrrrr... I wonder how much that guy had in his wallet. That's lookin' niiiiiiice! Aaaahhhh....Aaahhhhh....CHOO! This is yesterday's popcorn. The historic Hi-Pointe Theatre Should I stay or should I go? Mega-crush on Morrison Projector Checktor. The new projectionist Have you ever been fucked in the ass by a Marine? Just stick to the story there, Martin. The District Manager Just take the tickets. Midnight personal screenings I am a Gulf War Veteran! How do you do it, Mark? Bad News...

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