I'm Sorry, Mr. Reeves Stills Gallery

Holy crap! There are like three billion of these, so just be patient and let 'em load, cuz I'm not about to make thumbnails or another page or whatever (if you decide this is necessary and have the ambition and know-how to carry it out, please feel free to make a page in the Pancake Productions style and submit it to me. 'Til then, DEAL). Most or perhaps all of the pictures in this section were taken by Matt Wicks. Hover over the pictures for some stupid captions.

Sean pretending to be Nick Out the window of Mr. Reeves's house interior More South City sights Nick's bored Nick looks sorta gay in this picture, don'thyoo think? Roger looks on as Todd nearly bites the dust Todd explains the ins and outs of acting and bike-riding to Autumn and Jon Todd demonstrates the knowledge just explained I'm tired, Mr. Reeves Autumn hoops it up James, a bit outta focus Everyone standing around doing nothing Dave and Autumn in a duel to the death The City of St. Louis Jon tellin' RØB that you gotta use yer brain while Geoff laughs at the simplicity of these dunces You killed my brother! Some dudes hangin', some dudes workin' Everyone look over here! Gentlemen, I present to you...an octopus Dave could not possibly be more confused Crowd around, here YAAAAAWN, yeah BO-ring, what are we even DOING here? Jonathan Waters, ready for the big leagues These guys are cool.  You can tell by the sunglasses Dance Dance Dance 'We need to see more butts, guys' 'Shit, I accidentally fell in!' 'Did you get that on tape?' 'Wait, am I in this shot?' Keith enjoys playing with dollies Keithburger dollyin' around 'Look at dead Kevin!  Damn I'm bored!' Dead Kevin Takin' a breather Steve, wishing he could be in this shot Dan, nearly dead Doot dee doot dee doo... 'This milk is curdling!' Sean sleeps while Zak wonders why we're all still here 'Hoops, Uh slipped!  Huh-HYUK! Sean is ANGRY AT SOMETHING Autumn sizing up the situation while Dave does something about it...is this a microcosm of the entire shoot, or what? Todd, returning from the grocery store Dave, looking as pretty (and as annoyed) as ever Steve pretending to direct Chelsea and Todd 'The neck bone connects to the...ANKLE BONE?  You idiot!' 'Oh holy crap check out that thing!' Nick letting Keith do all the work (yet another microcosm for this and every shoot) 'Tune in Tokyo' Steve, lost in thought...or perhaps extreme fatigue Sunset on South City 'Hoooh!  It's a scorcher out here today, boys!' Todd, trudging as only a dude in a suit that just jumped in a swimming pool can trudge Waitin' fer somethin' to happen 'I could hold this position all day' Keith is apparently being sucked into a vortex while Jon undermines Autumn's street credibility Dave checkin' out Brian's ass Steve and Todd exchanging poetry about one another 'Good thing we were able to jimmy that gate open!' Wet T-Shirt contest WAHOO! 'So what do you say when I pick up the phone?' 'Steady now...steady...' Todd having second thoughts about riding down a steep hill Geoff, dead Kevin, dead Todd and Autumn in stitches over their respective FACES Gettin' ready to roll one off Jon wondering if this can really be happening 'All in on this one, guys' Todd pledging allegiance to...Geoff Todd wants to kill 'Wring Wring!' 'Who is it?' I'm OUTTA here! Autumn Sunset Sunset on South Grand 'Gh'oof!  Where's muh trainin' wheels?  Huh-HYUK!'

These pictures were taken at the 48 Hour Film Festival St. Louis best-of screening and awards ceremony, outside of The Pageant, on Friday, June 17th, 2005. They appear here courtesy of Kevin Stroup. Hover over for captions.

Yes SIR, Mr. Reeves, SIR! Buncha dudes decked out Mr. Reeves-style (left to right: Sean Gartner, Will Novak, Keith Hueffmeier, Todd Spence, Roger Johnson, RØB Severson, Kiley Lewis, Jonathan Waters, Autumn Eakin, Diane? Something?, Dave Jacobsen)


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