Gonna Be Late Stills Gallery

Most or all of these production stills were taken by Matt and Amanda McLaughlin.

Curb Sittin' Durr, how's this thing work, guys? Lonely Pat! We're Outta Here! Oh shit, he's ziggin', he's zaggin', HOLYCRAP My name is Alex and I am Starstruck. Let's go over here! I can't see anything through this thing. Yeah YAWN, BO-RING, what are we all DOING here? Duuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrr... Yase I ang happy wit' dee way dees eez torning ouyt.
Look at me, I'm an actor but I wanna see through the camera.
Ol' Billy Beard

Straight outta the movie itself, it's some Gonna Be Late screenshots!

Leland playing video games (Pat Weston) Run run run! (Coire Reilly, Matt McLaughlin, Kyle Mayer, Vanessa Revard, Melissa Anstett) What th--You're still playing video games?! (Megan McCaul, Pat Weston) BOING! (Coire Reilly, Matt McLaughlin, Melissa Anstett, Kyle Mayer) This is one of my favorite shots from any of my movies ever.  Look at that CONTRAST! (Megan McCaul) Up the stairs, up the stairs! (Alex Younger, Matt McLaughlin) Washing hands (Pat Weston) CRASH! (Megan McCaul, Amanda McLaughlin, Matt McLaughlin, Alex Younger, Pat Weston, Vanessa Revard) GIT! (Megan McCaul, Pat Weston)

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