Pour Chaque «Non» Stills Gallery

First is a brief section of "Production Stills", followed by a section of images directly from the film itself.

Below is a trailer of sorts that Courtney made for this movie. I felt as though it belonged in the stills gallery more than the trailers gallery, as it tends to show more behind-the-scenes type stuff. Below it are some thermal prints (courtesy of MPL Media in Nashville, where Pour Chaque «Non» was processed and transferred)! They aren't exactly "production stills," but the pictures below them are. They were taken the day we shot the second tow truck office scene and the bank scene.

Kyle MAYER Amanda McLAUGHLIN Kyle MAYER Ron WARNER Kyle MAYER & Ron WARNER Ron WARNER Ron apparently smoking a cigarette and working on sound for POUR CHAQUE «NON» Nick rocking out Near the 2nd Tow Truck Office Set Ron scooterin' around at Henry Trucking Nick scooterin' Kyle double-scooterin' at Henry Construction Angron! Tow Truck Office #2 set, from the side Ron in the warehouse, about to be pummeled by Ecco The Dolphin, apparently Silhouetted Tow Truck Office #2 Set at Henry Trucking Nick scootering straight into a light-beam Kyle MAYER after a long day of acting

Here are some rockin' still frames taken directly from the (final cut of the) movie. Hopefully they encourage you to go watch this short French car movie!

Ron WARNER with a Bill MICHALSKI backdrop Bobbi Jo LEYKAM as La Serveuse Ron WARNER with a Chase Park Plaza Hotel backdrop Kyle MAYER as Le Frôre D»panneuse #1 Amanda McLAUGHLIN as La Cassiôre De La Banque Kyle MAYER as Le Frôre D»panneuse #2

This space is reserved for promotional material or event screening photos or other such stuff like that. So far it's just a few scans of things found in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (yes, a picture of Pour Chaque «Non» was indeed the SOLE visual representation of the entire St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase 2005 for that publication, as you see) and the Riverfront Times/SLFS Schedule.

From the July 14, 2005 GET OUT section of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.  Note that only ONE picture was used to represent the entire showcase. From the SLFs schedule/insert in the July 16, 2005 issue of the Riverfront Times

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