RØB SEVERSON Image Gallery

I don't really have any headshots just yet.

These are pictures of RØB in action on the sets of various movies, as indicated. Hover yer mouse over 'em for more information.

Kyle and Coire showing RØB how a camera works Durr... Ziggin'-Zaggin' Tight, bro! Why's it dark in here? I'm GONNA BE LATE!

Conspiring with co-workers (L-R) Charles EVANS, Brendan McMULLAN, and Mort BURKE RØB and Mort BURKE on the roof, DATin' and danglin' RØB SEVERSON and Mort BURKE taking direction from Matt McLAUGHLIN Charles EVANS and RØB sound crewin' it up Bustin' up a TV in the alley with Mort BURKE, Brendan McMULLAN, and Matt McLAUGHLIN Courtney KENNEDY with RØB behind the concession counter at the Hi-Pointe Theatre

Todd SPENCE as Andy Warhol, RØB SEVERSON as Edgar Allan Poe, Dick GEORGE as Thomas Edison, and Bill PARMENTIER as Orson Welles--discussng Orson's assault rifle
Just after bein' done up Edgar Allan Poe-style

Talkin' with Geoff TIPPIT and Jonathan WATERS on the set It sort of looks like RØB (dressed in brown in the background) is knocking Kevin out in this picture Over-The-Shoulder with Geoff TIPPIT

Still frames taken directly from the movies indicated sure are awesome! Even awesome-er when you hover yer mouse over 'em!

Mustardfish talkin' Mustardfish rockin'

Charles Withingworth III appalled at the makeout session between Lexie and Dale (RØB Severson) 'Dangling?' (RØB SEVERSON) 'Darling, who is this...this?' (RØB SEVERSON, Megan McCAUL Guy Wise introduces himself to Lexie and Charles (RØB SEVERSON, Megan McCAUL, Kyle MAYER)

L-R: Charles EVANS, Mort BURKE, Yours Truly, Ingrid KREIN Mort BURKE and RØB SEVERSON hangin' on the roof of the Hi-Pointe Theatre RØB SEVERSON wrestling Josh ARNOLD as Joe HARTENSTINE looks on confusedly POPCORN! Just stick to the story there, Martin.

...and here are just some random pictures and crap!

Hayden Desser and RØB's (bleached-blonde) self at Toronto's Rivoli in October 2001 Self-Portrait a day before dyeing his hair bleach blonde--July 3rd, 2001 Laying on the ground at Lollapalooza 2005 (courtesy of www.lastnightsparty.com) RØB Santa Clausin' it up at the STLPunk benefit, December 21, 2002 RØB provin' that he alone wails much harder than the Pubes ever could without him (at the last show he played with them on March 7th, 2003)
RØB at Lafayette High School on March 13th, 1998 College graduation announcement picture Halloween 2002 One of RØB's Senior Pictures--Spring 1999 or so Again with the December 2002 STLPunk Show, RØB as Santa RØB in Kirksville, MO in or around February, 2003 Irrefutable proof that I rock much more than the other Pubes COMBINED--I mean look, I'm about to catch on FIRE!  Opening for the Groovie Ghoulies at the Creepy Crawl
Do we need more proof of how much more than the other Pubes I rock(ed)?  Not after this! RØB with Hannah WOLFE at a huge party thrown on November 9th, 2001 RØB after two weeks of no shaving, in Switzerland, early June 2003 RØB with Ron WARNER (and part of Amy WHITED) at Lollapalooza, July 24th, 2005--this image courtesy of Jaime L. RØB graduating from college on May 10th, 2003 (flanked by his parents)
RØB in the Charles De Gaulle airport, early January 2001 RØB pirating around and having more than one chin Halloween 2004 with Ron WARNER and Courtney KENNEDY Polaroid of RØB with some girl named Christine or something, and some guy named Kato or something, at some rich guy named Marty's mansion, in January of 2003 Fight Day 2001 Fight Day 2002 Fight Day 2004
RØB rocking out with Cuando Greg & The Chives (Nicole MADDEN, Jaffa AHARONOV) sometime in 2004 maybe? Again at college graduation, this time flanked by his father's parents Fight Day 2001 RØB on Fight Day 2003 RØB & Alex YOUNGER wearing nearly the same shirt on mid-Year's Eve, 2003
College graduation announcement picture RØB hangin' with (L-R) Bobbi Jo LEYKAM and Courtney KENNEDY on mid-Year's Eve, 2003 RØB playing 'Mayor McCheese' at the Focal Point in Maplewood, opening for the Urban Blight Players in December 2004 RØB wailin' at JJ's in Brussels, Belgium; New Year's Eve 2000-2001, while Andrew gets fresh in the background RØB explaining the birds and the bees to Keith
RØB 'meets' Chuck Berry as the honorable Mr. Berry anxiously awaits getting the hell out of there RØB discussing things with Geoff TIPPIT The tall Hitler-lookin' dude way in the back at the premiere screening for I'M SORRY, MR. REEVES?  That's RØB RØB with Matt RESSLER in Waterloo, Belgium's Wellington Snooker, late December 1996
Mustardfish at Charles De Gaulle airport, January 2001, three months before Mustardfish was actually formed! A closer-up shot of RØB in Belgium on New Year's Eve 2000-2001 (see Andrew in the background humping some girl?) RØB rocking LNAC 26 August 2005...ever onward to victory RØB rocking LNAC 26 August 2005 Again with the partying on, Halloween 2004-style Senior Prom (May 1999) with Pat WESTON At CDG airport, January 2001
Photo Booth photos from a REAL photobooth (not a digital one) Try to find RØB in this huge Old West-style family portrait! From a digital photo booth in Cape Girardeau, Missouri
RØB and Jason YOUNG Chessin' around More chess action with Kappa Chi Nu RØB with buddy Frank Newton in Alton, IL (that's a life-size statue of the world's tallest man, Robert Wadlow, who was from Alton) Baby RØB First Halloween--as a clown!
Will NOVAK falling asleep as Todd SPENCE plays video games and RØB talks to the wall Ron WARNER as the Bubble King and RØB as 'Eraserhead,' Halloween 2003 First birthday YES OHMICRAP I LOVE CAKE Birthdays are swee'!
...And that love of cake continues to this day. A crappy edited-in background for RØB in his Eraserhead getup (Halloween 2003) Day after Halloween 2003 (Mad Scientist!)--Didn't want to let the hair go to waste! Secret Secret!  I've Got A Secret! Just some picture of RØB in Texas or whatever! A big pile of people partying as Aaron is abducted by aliens RØB in February 2003, outside of the Pepper Lounge, after a screening of Aaron CROZIER's movie GRUMBOON
Playing 'All I Have To Do Is Dream' with Jamie Collins III at the Thespian Banquet, Lafayette High School, May 1999 Halloween 2004--party on! At James Dean's grave in Spring 2004 A quick glance away yields dastardly results! Though in spite of the cheating, he thought he had won...
Screw this I'm swipin' the board! Just before a haircut in late April/Early May 2004 Phil REUM, RØB, and Courtney at a Mustardfish/Lord of the Yum Yum show Hangin' with Mr. Michalski This is one of my new favorite pictures of all time.  Why did I cut my hair, again?
The picture taken of me when I got a job, mid-January 2006
Janet and me at a picnic!  May 2006

More pictures of RØB are available in the Mustardfish images gallery and the Googolplexia images gallery.

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