Lombard Street

Year: 2002
Length: (Projected) 1 minute
Color: Black & White
Language: Silent
Status: Unfinished (Post-Production)


Shot on scenic and historical Lombard Street in San Francisco, California, Lombard Street is the fictional account of a cookie-eating man whose quest down Lombard Street is somewhat frustrating.


Running Man
Alex Miles YOUNGER


Written, Produced, Photographed, and Directed by
Grip, Concept Development
Alex Miles YOUNGER



Check out some still images from Lombard Street in the Lombard Street stills gallery.


Alex and I made Lombard Street for fun during our brief stay in California in mid-March 2002. We drove my car from St. Louis, Missouri to Hayward, California (where my Grandmother and Step-Grandfather live), and drove into the city (San Francisco) a coupla times to rock out. One of these times, we made a sweet movie about Alex runnin' down Lombard Street--and HERE IT IS!

Lombard Street was shot on my very own Krasnogorsk K-3.

Click on the picture at the top of this page to see an enlarged view of Lombard Street from above (it's rather an impressive photograph!). Yep, that's where this movie was shot!

Lombard Street will likely end up as part of a trilogy (possibly quadrilogy) of Pancake Productions shorts that will also include The Look Of... and Check-mateless (and also possibly Drawer's Block), based on the fact that they all feature Alex and they all have similar themes (excepting, possibly, Drawer's Block, hence it's possible exclusion--I'm still trying to wrap my head around that one).

Unfortunately, one of the two reels used to shoot Lombard Street didn't turn out so well, it's all blurry and crummy-looking. I wish I could say that there was a chance it was just the flatbed on which I watched it or something, but in fact I'm pretty sure that my worst fears are correct. I'm still planning on seeing what I can make out of it (if anything). 'Twould truly be a shame if I couldn't salvage anything from it.

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